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Quiz: Do I need Myofunctional Therapy?

Check your score!

Quiz! Do I need OMT?: Welcome

Grab a pen and paper and tally up your numbers! Add the points to your total if the line applies to you.

Early Childhood:

2 pts: bottle fed > 50% during infancy

2 pts: feeding troubles (colic, fevers, latching, difficult birth)

2 pts: multiple ear infections and/or tubes placed

Past/Present Airway Concerns:

4 pts: tonsils and/or adenoids removed

3 pts: asthma, allergies, other breathing conditions

3 pts: tonsils/adenoids enlarged and visible

2 pts: deviated septum/nasal/airway surgery

2 pts: Mallampati Score 3-4 *See photo at bottom of page*

Mouth Resting Posture:

4 pts: mouth open > 50% of time

4 pts: chronically mouth breathing

2 pts: mouth open often but < 50% of time

1 pts: patient unaware of oral posture

Tongue Position at Rest:

3 pts: tongue is positioned low, in bottom of mouth, not against palate

2 pts: tip of tongue is in between upper and lower teeth

1 pts: tongue tip is fully against only upper or only lower teeth

1 pts: patient unaware of tongue position

Dental Concerns:

3 pts: anterior or lateral open bite and/or crossbite (When biting down, there is an opening or gap at the front or on the sides of the bite- See photo below) 

3 pts: relapse of previous orthodontic treatment (Needing braces after already having them previously)

3 pts: Needed a 'tongue crib' or 'tongue guard' during orthodontic treatment

3 pts: history of (or recommended) orthodontic or orthognathic surgery 

2 pts: premolar teeth extracted

1 pts: large spaces and/or tipping of teeth

Facial Structure:

2 pts: Have been told you have low facial muscle tone or changes to soft tissue facial features

2 pts: Have been told you have a 'small mouth'

2 pts: Underbite/class III malocclusion

2 pts: limited control over oral muscles and/or tongue movement

2 pts: cosmetic surgery on eyes, lips, chin, etc

Head and Neck Concerns:

3 pts: jaw/facial pain more than once per week

2 pts: grinding/clenching at night, night guard worn or recommended

1 pts: headache more than once per week

1 pts: neck/shoulder pain tension

Digestive Concerns: 

2 pts: digestive issues more than once per week

2 pts: acid reflux symptoms

2 pts: bloating, burping, hiccupping, or gas

1 pts: alterations to diet - eliminating dairy, gluten


3 pts: tongue thrust swallowing pattern (Tongue pushes forward or sideways against the teeth when you swallow, as opposed to pushing up to the top of the mouth/palate)

3 pts: trouble with drooling / saliva pooling 

3 pts: difficulties breathing while eating, open mouth chewing, or use of liquids to swallow

2 pts: difficulty swallowing pills

2 pts: hyperactive gag reflex

Past/Present Sucking Habit:

4 pts: present sucking habit age 7+ y/o (thumb, fingers, blankets, etc)

3 pts: present sucking habit age 3-7 y/o

2 pts: sucked thumb in past, stopped prior to age 3

2 pts: pacifier habit past age 3

2 pts: other type of oral habit (nail biting, lip chewing, etc)

Speech Therapy:

3 pts: present speech concerns including lisping, problems with general clarity, or pronunciation of other specific sounds

2 pts: history of speech therapy, but no present concerns


3 pts: diagnosed with sleep apnea

3 pts: (In children) 1 or more apnea events while sleeping

3 pts: uses CPAP appliance or dental sleep appliance

2 pts: occasional or frequent snoring

2 pts: sleep test taken or recommended

2 pts: fatigue and daytime sleepiness, poor sleep, and/or brain fog

Other Areas of Concern:

2 pts: forward head/neck posture

1 pts: diagnosed with ADD/ADHA as a child or considered hyperactive/lack of focus at school or work

Severity Assessment Score:

0-19 Mild

20-44 Moderate

45+ Severe

While this quiz provides some initial insight a full exam while be needed to confirm findings. We recommend myofunctional therapy treatment to anyone who scores a 20 or greater on this exam. If you score in the mild range - don't worry because myofunctional therapy can still improve symptoms!  Once a patient’s symptoms are in the range of moderate-severe, facial growth and development will be affected in children, orthodontic treatment and outcomes will be impacted, and airway issues such as sleep apnea may become a concern in the future.  However, it is never too late to get help! Both adults and children can benefit greatly from learning new habits and oral muscle patterning.  This is the goal of myofunctional therapy. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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